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Many thanks to Rosemary Pollock for writing this article about the men of Lanreath who fought in WW1

Eighty-two men from the parish of Lanreath fought during World War 1.  Fifteen lost their lives, others will have been burdened by memories they felt unable to share.  For many years their namehave been engraved on a villagewar memorial, but this in itself cannot prevent them slipping intohalf forgotten history.  Below, we show some recently recovered information.  For much of this, (in particular Service details) we owe many thanks to David Welch of Looe.


HERBERT BATE   BornLanreath1879, son of Richard &Emma.  Enlisted Bodmin 1915 (M2/167630). Served in India as SergeantArmy Machine Gun Corps 9.  Killed in IndiaNovember 10th 1917(died Rawlpindi Hospital).  Buried Grevillers British cemetery.

WILLIAM BROAD   Born 1891, living in Lanreath with mother.  1901 serving Royal Navy, 1911 aboardHMS Marlborough (Iron Duke class battleship, part of 1st Battle Squad of Grand Fleet based at Scapa Flow).  

EDWARD BROAD   Born about 1898.

PERCY BROAD   Born Morval 1884.  1891 living in St Keyne, 1901 serving Royal Navy (Ship’s Police HMS Argyle). Died in Cornwall June 1964.

ERNEST BUNNEY   Born LanreathDecember1891, son ofJohn Williams & Laura Bunney [10 yrs after his birth they married and had 3 or 4 more children].  Joined Royal GarrisonArtillery(32400), 1911 stationed Pendennis Castle, Falmouth, probably training.  Killed in France 4th April 1917.  Buried Achiet-le-Grand, Pas de Calais.

MARTIN BUNNEY (uncle of Ernest) born Lanreath 1885, son of John & Susan.  1901 working at Carwen Farm,Lanreath,1911 serving with 2nd Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry, stationed Mauritius/South Africa, later with 1st DCLI.MM. June1914married Ellen Keast (sister of Thomas, see below) in Liskeard.  Died Liskeard September 1966.

LEWIS COLLINGS (COLLINS)   Born Lansallos 3rd January 1885.  1891 resident Lanteglos, 1901 East Stonehouse.  1905 married Minnie Bunney; they had 9 children.  1911 residentLanreath.  Servedas Lance-Corporal (Territorial) SapperRoyal Engineers.  Died Liskeard 1969.

RICHARD DONEY   Served 1st DCLI    

FREDERICK EDEBorn Lanreath 1889, son of Henry & Edith. 1891 res. Liskeard, 1901 Duloe.  1911 ‘horseman on farm’ at Bocaddon.From 1912 served (Territorial) Sapper Royal Engineers.  Married Lilian Kelly.  

EDMUND JOSEPH FACEY  Born Lanreath January 1897, son of John & Elizabeth.   1901, 1911 res. Lanreath.   Served Royal Navy, HMS Marlborough (Battle of Jutland).  ? married Vera West (d. 1932), 1941 Violet Martyn.   Died in Liskeard 1967.

JOHN CHARLES FACEY (brother of Edmund) born LanreathJanuary 1892.  Served Royal Navy, HMS Marlborough (Battle of Jutland).  Died in Liskeard 1965.

CHARLES GILES   Born St Winnow 1889, son of William & Elizabeth.

ERNEST HALEY   Born Lanreath 1896, son of William & Laura.  1911 working for Olver family at Bocaddon (school part time).  Served DCLI (17623).  1920 married Elizabeth Jago.  Died 1964?

REUBEN HALEY Born24th August 1894, son of John Harris & Annie.  1911 wagoner employed by Venning family at Langunnett, Lerryn.  1902 Sapper Royal Engineers (512089).  Died 1974.

GEORGE HAMBLY   Born Lanreath 1889, son of John & Mary.  Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery(29623). Killed in France 9th May, 1915, probably at Neuve Chapelle.  Listed atMenin Gate.

WILLIAM HAMBLY   Born Lanreath 1884, son of John & Mary.  Served Royal Artillery.  

JOHN HARRIS   Born Lanreath 1896, son of Richard & Emily.  1911 cowman at Woodsaws, Lanreath. Servedas Corporal (Territorial) Royal Engineers

ALBERT EDWARD HELLER   Born Lanreath 1897, son of William & Dorothy.  1911 res. Lanreath.  Died in Cornwall September 1978

WILLIAM HUTCHINGS   Served Coldstream Guards

JOHN JAGO served Royal Navy (HMS Caesar)

FREDERICK KEAST   Born 1890 son of James & Honor.  1911 working as farm labourer. Died in Cornwall 1960.

JOHN KEAST   Born 1881 Lanreath (brother of Frederick).  By 1911 serving Royal Navy, PO (HMS Ajax)

RONALD KEAST   Born 1884. Served Royal NavyAB.1901 stationed Gibraltar aboard HMS Niobe (later HMS.*?

THOMAS KEAST   Born Lanreath December 1888, son of William & Mary.  1901 living on Boconnoc estate.1911 serving 2nd DCLI, stationed S. Africa.December 1920 marriedAda Collings.  Died in Bodmin March 23rd 1947.


EDWARD HUMPHREY BULLER KITSON   Served RoyalNavy (midshipman HMS New Zealand)


JAMES BULLER KITSON   Born Lanreath Rectory 24thDecember 1884, son of John (Rector of Lanreath) & Agnes.  Served Royal Navy1901-1922. 1901 stationed Gibraltar (HMS NIOBE),1911 Lieut. HMS Good Hope.  After Battle of Jutland awarded DSO, also Russian Order of St Anne.  Flag Lieut. Commander HMS Marlborough.  24th May 1913 married Frances Howard in London, father officiating.  Died December 7th 1976.


JOHN FRANCIS BULLER KITSON   Born Plymouth 1892(brother of James).  Married Dorothy Wilkinson 18th April 1914.  Served RNVR (sub. Lieutenant).


RICHARD BULLER KITSONBorn Lanreath Rectory 14thMarch (brother of James & John.  Commissioned August1904, 1912 serving in India (Capt. 58 Rifles Indian Army).Killed in Palestine13th November 1917.


         Richard Buller Kitson


WILLIAM H LAMERTON  Born Lanreath 1894.  1811 res.Teacombe, Lanreath, working on farm.  Served as CorporalRoyal Engineers (Territorial).


EDWIN LIBBY   Born Boconnoc 1893, son of Harry & Mary.  Corporal Royal Engineers (Territorial). 1921 marriedMary Marsh.  Died September 1950


ALBERT MITCHELL  Born Lanreath December 1870, son of William & Catherine.  Died Lanreath 29th November 1919    


DAVID MITCHELL Born Lanreath 13th May 1886 (brother of Albert).  1901 working for William Mutton, probably at Brazemoor.  1911 ‘horseman on farm’ at Tremayne, Pelynt (employer John Liddicoat?).  1914 joined DCLI.  Died Saskatchewan, Canada 1973.


FRANK MITCHELL   Born Lanreath December 1877 (brother of Albert & David).   1881 living at Higher Brazemoor.  Served Royal Navy(AB HMS Cornwall).  Died in Cornwall 1955


HERMAN MITCHELL   Born Lanreath 30th July 1895, son of Ellen Mitchell (nephew of David & Frank).  1901 living with grandparents in Lanreath, 1911 student at Polventon school, Liskeard.  1914 joined 3rd DCLI (17227).   Operating as stretcher bearer was injured several times, recovering at Orpington Hospital in Kent.  In 1917 married Ethel Saunders.  They had one daughter, Kathleen (1925-1914).  Died at Sedgemoor in Somerset, 1980.


 Herman Mitchell


Herman Mitchell's home in Lanreath


Recovering at Orpington Hospital during WW1


THOMAS NICHOLAS   Sergeant. 2nd/4th DCLI.


CYRIL NORMAN (Territorial) Lieut. Royal Engineers


NICHOLAS THOMAS   Served 2nd/4th DCLI.                


RICHARD OLVER   Born Lanreath 1894 , son of William & Laura.  1911 working on farm at Court Barton (for widowed mother).Served Devon Yeomanry.


CLAUDE PAYNE   Born Lanreath19th February 1885.  1891 living at Couch’s Mill.  1911 employed by Stephens family at Woodsaws, Lanreath, as ’horseman on farm’.  Served asCorporal (Territorial) 2nd Royal Engineers.  On December 17th1914 married Caroline May at Duloe, ‘using 24 hour leave’ before posting to France.  Died in Newquay, Cornwall,10thMarch 1966.


 Claude and Caroline on their wedding day


RICHARD PEARNE   Born Polperro 1885.  1891 living in Lansallos with uncle and aunt, 1801 employed by Cottom family at St Pinnock.  23rd July 1905 married Hettie ElizaTippett at Lanteglos-by-Fowey.  Served Royal Canadian Horse (?).  Died in Plymouth 1967.  




ALFRED A PINCH   Born Lanreath July 1886, son of Philip & Mary Ellen.  1901 employed in Harris household.  Served Royal Engineers.  Died (apparently of wounds) 6th June 1920.  On memorial Alfred’s name was last to be added, evidentlyafter list thought to becomplete


WILLIAM P PINCH (brother of Alfred) Born Bodmin 1884.1911 living at home in Lanreath, working as mason. Served DCLI, then Corporal Royal Engineers. Killed in France 13thApril1918


ALBERT SEARLE   Born Boconnoc 1894.  1901 living at St Winnow.Served (Territorial) Royal Engineers.


SIDNEY WILLIAM PALMER STEPHENS   Born Lanreath June 1898, son of William & Elizabeth.  1911 living at Woodsaws, Lanreath.  Served as Private DCLI (36150).




SAMUEL ARTHUR SWIGGS   Born Lanreath 1888, son ofJohn & Catherine.  In 1911 living at family home Tresawson,working as ‘tailor maker’.  Joined Worcester Regiment, transferred to Oxfordshire & Bucks Light Infantry.Killed 4thApril 1917.


ERNEST SWIGGS   Born Pelynt 1889, son of William & Susan.  1901/1911 living in Lanreath, 1911 working as farm labourer.  Served (Territorial) Corporal Royal Engineers.   Died in Cornwall 1979.


HENRY SWIGGS   Born Lansallos March 1887, son of Charles & Emma.  1911 living near Polperro, working as farm labourer. Served Royal Navy. CPO on UK WW1 medal roll as William H Swiggs, CPO 184396.  1926 married Sarah Truscott Sangwin.  Died in Liskeard June 1962.


RICHARD HAMBLY SWIGGS   Son of John & Catherine Swiggs (from Pelynt and Duloe).  1911 living at Tresawson, Lanreath. ServedRoyal Navy,AB HMS Goliath (199183). Died off Dardanelles 13th May 1915 (see Joseph Kelly).  Listed on Plymouth Naval Memorial.    


JOHN EDWARD TAYLOR  Served Royal Navy,  AB HMS Marlborough




FREDERICK TUBBS   Born Lanreath 1891, son of Henry & Emma.  1901 resident St Veep.  1911 serving with 42 Company, Royal Garrison Artillery (31292) stationed Isle of Wight.


ROBERT UNDERWOOD  Served Royal Engineers


WILLIAM WARD   Served Royal Engineers (Territorial).   Died 20th March 1919


ALBERT WILLIAMSBorn Lanreath 1886, son of James & Elizabeth.  1911 serving Royal Navy.  Stoker HMS Tiger.


ARTHUR T WILLIAMSBorn Lanreath 1893, son of Henry & James.   1911 living at Trefraw, Pelynt.  working on farm.  Served DCLI, also Devon Yeomanry.   Killed 26th June 1917


GEORGE WILLIAMS   Served 1st Life Guards


RICHARD AUBREY YEO   Born Lanreath 4th March 1894, son of William & Harriet.  1901 res. Padstow.  1914 joined 5th DCLI (240337) rank of Private.  Died St Austell 1969.


CLARENCE YEO   Born Pendegge, Broadoak 18th Sept.1896, son of William & Harriet. 1901 res. Padstow, 1911 Duloe.  1922 married Gladys Rundle in Liskeard.  Died Liskeard 1984.


HORACE YEO   BornNewhouse St Veep, 14th FEBRUARY1897, son ofWilliam & Harriet.  Served 5th DCLI (240465) Died 1983


STANLEY YEO Born Newhouse St Veep 27th January 1890.  Died 27th October 1957


*So far it has not been possible to find information about all of the names listed above.  If you know anything further, please get in touch with the Lanreath website

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