Sunday, 19th of August 2018
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Welcome to Lanreath, Cornwall, England

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Lanreath Parish Council


Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on 17th April 2018

Present:         Mr R Pugh – Chair (County Councillor), Mrs E Lee, Miss J Tamblyn,

Mr P Seaman, Mr J Williams, Miss S Cave, Mrs R Karensa, Mr D Pugh,

Mr P Bartram, Mrs L Rigler (Clerk)


The Chair welcomed everyone to the Parish Council Meeting.  There were no declarations of interest.

  1. Apologies

Apologies were received from PCSO Cocks.


  1. Representatives’ Reports
  • Village Hall – Mr Williams reported that all is progressing well.
  • Parochial Church Council – the report received was circulated to Councillors prior to the meeting.  It was noted that the report is very encouraging. Copy of reports attached to minutes.
  • Lanreath Ladybirds – the clerk read the report received from Mrs Sandra Pipe, as follows ‘Once again the group has had a good year and continues to be a very important facility within our Community and the surrounding villages for young families.  Our register continues to look very healthy even though last year we said goodbye to 9 children starting school.  These numbers soon started to be replaced again with babies being born.  We currently have 31 on our register. We had our various activities during the year with an Easter Egg Hunt in the Community garden/ Leavers party for those going to school/ a visit down to the Church to decorate our Christmas tree and enjoyed a lovely story about the nativity from Rev Marilyn and finished our year with the Christmas party.  2018 sees the group going into its 11th year.  Over the last couple of years it's been very noticeable that more younger mums are attending the group from the farming Community which is proving very important for them to come and meet other mums for a couple of hours each week, chat and make friends while their little ones play and learn.  We are extremely fortunate that we have such good facilities with the Village Hall and we are very grateful to the Parish Council for their donation to the group each year. We are now at the stage whereby various pieces of equipment need replacing because some were donated second hand when we first started and we obviously have to keep health & safety in mind with our resources we raise monies ourselves but all donations are a great help for us to continue and provide for the families of the Community.’
  • Lanreath Minibus – the report was received from Mr Derek Stephenson which stated that ‘The bus has been fairly well used. With just over £4350 in the bus funds.  Local schools have been using the bus on a regular basis. This will reduce once the academy of schools Polruan Pelynt & Duloe get their own bus.  The mileage is at 7800. No major problems so far. 10 week safety checks are up to date.  Outgoings are approximately £1500 for insurance and road tax. 10 week safety checks £200 per year.’ 
  • Shop and Post Office – Mr John Feesey was welcomed to the meeting.  Mr Feesey reported that the community shop and sub-post office has had another good year.  The counts for 2017 have yet to be finalised but turnover increased markedly over 2016 and it seems certain that a modest trading surplus will have been made.  Shop sales continued to be buoyant in the first months of this year too.  This result marks a major improvement from the years before 2016 when a small trading loos was the norm and which had to be made up by fundraising.  The shop extension was the most important factor in the turn-around which has enabled us to increase the quantity and variety of stock on offer.  The surplus is being used to build up a reserve fund for future repairs and improvements, including replacements when needed of the chiller and deep freeze units.  The sub-post office continues to run at a slight loss, in common with many small post offices, but it provides an important service to our parish and acts as a loss leader to increase footfall in the shop.  December did see record sales of postage stamps.  Other income came from a successful Big Breakfast fund raising event last year and a number of individual donations and a grant of £500 from the Bocaddon wind turbine fund, for which we are very grateful.  Mr Feesey thanked the committee, the sub-post office managers and the enthusiastic group of over 25 volunteers without whom the community enterprise could not function.  Thanks were also expressed to the Parish Council for their support given to the Lanreath Community Association.
  • Amenities – the clerk read the report received from Mrs Sandra Pipe which stated that ‘The group had a steady year.  Monthly bingo continues which helps finances so we can donate monies back into the Community if the need arises. We did hold a get together during September whereby the group handed a few cheques out to various organisations which was held in Church due to the weather being so poor to be on the green that day. We held the firework display once again which was a great success and reached the longest display since we have started doing it, without all our regular sponsors this would never happen for the Community.  We closed the year once again with the Christmas dinner which year on year continues to be popular and grows in attendance.’
  • Chairman’s Report – The Chair reported that a lot has happened over the last 12 months with some good decisions being made.  The Punch Bowl is now up for sale and open days for prospective buyers have been held.  The extension to the village hall is progressing, thanks to Mrs S Rawlins.  Rally Close problems have been addressed.  The Neighbourhood Plan has been completed.  Thanks to Mr P Seaman.  There have been a few changes in Parish Councillors which has been disappointing but the Chair has been pleased to welcome new Councillors.  Mr Seaman is investigating a website.  The Chair thanked everyone for their help and support over the last 12 months.


  1. Public Participation

Attending members of the public were welcomed to the meeting.

Police – the Clerk received a report from PCSO Cocks stating that regular patrols of the Parish had been conducted and from 01/03/18 – 31/03/18 there had been one crime in the parish, a harassment crime.

Village Hall Extension – Mrs Rawlins reported that the £400 from the Chair’s Community Chest fund has been received.  The building regulation plans have been handed out for 3 quotes.  Funding is being sought.   Mrs Rawlins added that attempts were being made to persuade the football club to apply to the Football Foundation as there is money available for changing rooms.

Parish Notice Board – the Chair reported that he was under the impression that the lock had been repaired.  He agreed to check with Mr John Feesey.

Public Toilet – Mrs Rawlins reported that stainless steel sink has been cleaned.


  1. Minutes of meeting held on 20th March 2018

Mr D Pugh proposed that the minutes be accepted.  This was seconded by Mr Seaman.  The Chair signed the minutes.


  1. Matters Arising
  • Notice board – noted in Public Participation.
  • Maintenance work around the village – it was reported that so far no volunteers had come forward.  It was agreed to place the advert in the newsletter again this month.
  • Village pump – it was noted that Messrs Furzer and Meatyard have this in hand.
  • Meadow Road signage – the Chair will chase this issue.
  • Drains below Bury Down – as there has still been no progress it was agreed that the clerk write to the CEO of BT, copying the letter to Sheryll Murray MP.
  • Potholes – recent patching work has been carried out.  The pothole at Trebant Hill has been reported.  Further potholes were reported at the Beara turning and towards the main road from St Marnarchs.  It was added that the surface of the road by the telephone box is in a poor state.
  • Website – this is being pursued by Mr Seaman.  Unfortunately the contact at Herodsfoot is retiring.  Mr Seaman was advised to speak with Mr Chris Edge.
  • Standing orders – Mr Seaman will continue to work on this issue.  Issues to bear in mind are Data protection, Freedom of Information and a complaints procedure.
  • Plants for the village green – Clerk to write to Mrs Cutmore thanking her for her kind offer but advising that Calamazag nursery have offered to donate plants.


  1. Correspondence

Correspondence was noted.  The request to reimburse Lanreath Community Shop and Post Office the £13.74 for replacing the lock on the toilet was agreed. Correspondence received regarding Local Maintenance Partnership last month will be followed up by the Chair.


  1. Planning

PA17/11182 Proposal Re-submission of PA17/00819 - Retrospective application for agricultural    buildings for the purpose of housing livestock. Location Tresawson Lanreath Looe Cornwall Applicant Mr Thomas Tolputt – a separate meeting will be held to discuss this.

PA18/02604 Proposal Re-instatement of former track to access consented barn conversion Location Barn At Carwen Farm Lanreath Cornwall Applicant Mr Andrew Rockett Quay Associates – Miss S Cave proposed that this be supported.  This was seconded by Mrs E Lee and agreed by those present.


  1. Wind turbine update

Miss S Cave reported that Brazemoor is experiencing a flicker within the house and will monitor this.


  1. Mud on the lane between Penadlake and Bocaddon

Miss S Cave reported that there had been a problem but this has now been addressed.


  1. Water heater in the community toilet

It was noted that there is a need for a new water heater.  A quote has been received from Mr Max Facey.  Mrs R Karensa proposed that the quote be accepted.  This was seconded by Mr P Bartram and agreed by those present.


  1. Finance

Clerks salary and expenses               £285.35

Mrs Anderson                                      £100.00

Village Hall                                          £  14.00

D Hilton                                               £  10.00

D Hilton PAYE                                    £  63.60

BTE Services                                      £  49.20

Lanreath Minibus                                £300.00

Parochial Church Council                   £400.00

Lanreath Ladybirds                             £300.00

C Andrews                                          £  10.00

Lanreath Community Association      £  13.74


Bank Balance

      Current Account               £7488.28

            Deposit Account         £  608.51                   

            Treasurers Account    £      2.24


Mrs E Lee proposed that the cheques be paid on block and that £1500 be transferred. This was seconded by Mr J Williams and agreed by those present.


Cllr Pugh reported on the following:

  • Concerns had been raised regarding the felling of the tree at the entrance to the village
  • Cornwall Council have agreed invest £3million in a stadium for Cornwall.  Cllr Pugh voted against this investment because the project did not provide any security for the Council’s money.  The business plan was very weak and contained too many unanswered questions. The sewerage was going to be a giant septic tank located under the pitch.  There was a £2million shortfall in the finances which was going to be raised by crowd funding.
  • Broadband issues are being addressed.


Miss J Tamblyn read a letter complaining about the felling of the beech trees along the B3359.  The Chair confirmed that he had replied to this letter.

Miss S Cave reported fly tipping at Penadlake. Chair and Clerk to report.

Miss J Tamblyn reported that there had been rubbish along the road by Bury Down but litter pickers had dealt with this.         


18. Any Other Business



19. Public Participation

No additional items


20. Date and Time of Next Meeting

Tuesday 15th May 2018 at 7.30pm.  It was agreed that meeting times return to 7.30pm.


The Chair declared the meeting closed at 9.30 p.m.

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