Wednesday, 23rd of July 2014
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Welcome to Lanreath, Cornwall, England

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Lanreath Parish Council



Lanreath Parish Council - April

The April meeting of Lanreath Parish Council took place on 15th April.  Apologies were received from PCSO Cocks.  The clerk reported that, according to an e-mail received from PC Libby, there had been no crime in the last month.

Representatives’ Reports

Village Hall – The Chair reported that the Village Hall Committee are happy with how things are going at present.  A new floor has been put down in the hall, the car park has been tarmacced and applications for more grants are being submitted.  The committee do not hold as much finance as previously, but the Treasurer is happy as long as running costs are covered.  No fund raising in the last 12 months.  There may be a celebration to mark the 25thanniversary of the opening of the hall.  AGM being held next month.  Good relationship between the Rally Social Club and The Village Hall Committee.  

Parochial Church Council – The report received from Mrs Jenny Bartram was circulated.  It was noted that further correspondence had been received from the PCC regarding the possible donation of funds to help with the recent cost of repairing the church wall.  Mrs E Lee proposed that £100 be donated.  This was seconded by Ms J Tamblyn and agreed by those present.

Lanreath Ladybirds – Mrs Pipe reported that numbers have increased during the year.  The group only had 3 children who left for school.  There are many families coming from the farming community and Pelynt.  The Ladybirds is a good facility for parents and children.  Families are very supportive and appreciative of the large hall space and the garden.  Mrs Pipe thanked the Parish Council for the recent donation and for maintaining the garden.  Thanks were expressed to Mrs Pipe for this excellent group.

Lanreath Minibus – Mr Pugh reported that running costs for the minibus are £2200 per year.Funds are greatly appreciated from the Parish Council and the Amenities group.  The remainder of the funds come from the money taken on trips.  Thanks were expressed to the volunteer drivers.

Shop and Post Office – Unfortunately Mrs S Rawlins was not present but a comprehensive report had been given at the last meeting.

Tree in car park – it was noted that this has now been taken down.

Benches in school garden – it was noted that Mr Anderson would be happy to repair these.  Help has also been offered from one of the toddler’s parents.

Neighbourhood Plan - It was noted that 27 questionnaires, out of 200, have been returned.  One reply has been received from someone who would like to assist with the project.  

Mr Pugh updated the meeting with regard to the wind turbine application at Bocaddon.  The Inspector will be visiting on 23rd April.

With regard to the application at New Hartswell, it was noted that this was refused by the East sub-planning committee with 13 votes against and 2 abstentions.  

County Councillor’s Report

Cllr J Candy reported that:-

The work on the Looe road are ahead of schedule
There has been a series of rationalisation of management in Cornwall Council
Attended a presentation on Health and Social Care Integration
Talks on A38 improvements
Ongoing problems with potholes.

Parish Problems - The Chair commented that the village could be tidier and it was agreed that a working party get together for a general tidy up in May/June.

Any Other Business - Ms Tamblyn stated that the recent fly-tipping in the West Park lay-by has been cleared.

Date and time of next meeting - The next meeting will be the AGM on Tuesday 20th May 2014 at 7.40pm in the Main Hall.  


Future meetings



Tuesday 20th May 2014




Tuesday 17th June 2014




Tuesday 15th July 2014




Tuesday 16th September 2014




Tuesday 21st October 2014




Tuesday 18th November 2014






All meetings commence at 7.30 p.m. and are held in the Main Hall, Lanreath Village Hall



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