Saturday, 23rd of May 2015
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Welcome to Lanreath, Cornwall, England

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Lanreath Parish Council

Police – PCSO Cocks reported that from 1st to 31st March there had been 2 crimes in the parish. One was a bag being left on a bus which was travelling through the parish. PCSO Cocks warned the public of opportunist thieves. Numerous patrols have taken place and all has been in order.
Millennium Building – Mr John Feesey was welcomed to the meeting. It was reported that as the shop is vulnerable to Food and Hygiene inspections, it was felt that the ceiling in the millennium building, where stock is being stored, needs to be replaced due to the dust etc. falling from the ceiling. The shop would be happy to contribute to the cost, but would like help from the Parish Council with funding. It was agreed that quotes be obtained and to be discussed at the next meeting.
Bocaddon wind turbine – it was asked if there had been any changes with respect to the siting of the turbine. Cllr Candy advised that if the turbine is to be moved significantly then a new planning application would be required.
Windwards – his has now been sorted.
Wall between school garden and school house – the clerk read correspondence received from Mr Andrew.
School fence – A Facey reported that he had received a quote from Mr Anderson. Further quotes will be obtained but Councillors agreed that they would be happy for the Chair to make the decision and hopefully get the work completed prior to May Day.
Representatives Reports
• Village Hall – Mr A Facey reported that it had been a sad year for the Village Hall Committee with the loss of the Secretary who had been a big asset to the committee. The relationship between the Rally Club and Village Hall remains strong.
• Parochial Church Council – the report received from Mrs Jenny Bartram was circulated. It was added that the money that has to be raised each year by the PCC has gone up by 28%. Attempts are being made to try and encourage more youth to attend the church. The amount of services is now being split between 7 churches.
• Minibus – the clerk read a report received from Mr Derek Stephenson stating that the minibus is used by many different personnel, associations and clubs and is a vital piece of transport for the village, especially for the elderly who no longer drive. The bus is now 13 years old but has only done just over 64,000 miles. The application for a new minibus has been successful and now waiting to hear about the procurement process for the new bus. The Parish Council expressed their thanks to Mr Stephenson.
• Lanreath Ladybirds – the clerk read a report received from Mrs S Pipe which stated that the group has again had a good year with 32 now on the register. The children have enjoyed an array of activities, inside and out in the village garden area which is a favourite with the children. During June a summer trip to Trethorne took place. Over the year coffee mornings have taken place to raise funds. A small amount of funding was received from the Co-operative Community Fund and with the donation from the Parish Council, this helps the group to continue for the families in the community. The year came to a close with the group going into church and decorating their own Christmas tree with Rev. Marilyn, and a Christmas party with Father Christmas and Chloe the Clown.
• Lanreath Amenities – the clerk read a report from Mrs S Pipe which stated that the group has had another successful year, holding the monthly bingo which attracts a core group of regular players. This enables monies to go back into the Amenities funds for community events or funding particular projects within the

community. The group supported the May Day celebrations organised by Lanreath Community Spirit. During June the group put on an evening with the Cornish Wurzles which was reasonably attended. November saw an excellent firework display which is becoming a community favourite attracting visitors from surrounding areas. The year finished off with the annual Christmas dinner which was the group’s highest attendance since putting this event on. The kitchen girls provided almost 100 meals. The evening well extremely smoothly from the kitchen to the kind volunteers helping with waiting on tables. Mr John White once again provided an evening of excellent entertainment.
• Shop and Post Office – the clerk read a report received from Mrs S Rawlins which stated that ‘The shop has enjoyed a year of stability. Income has remained steady, following the pattern of previous years. Volunteer numbers have also remained steady. After the AGM last June, John Feesey became chairperson and Dianne Randall became secretary. Mick Dwyer continued as treasurer. During the year the service contract for the chiller and freezer changed to Coast to Coast and so far the chiller and freezer have been working more efficiently. In November the shop received notification that we would be included in Cornwall Council's Food Hygiene Rating Scheme and so a team of volunteers has been established to clean and check "sell by" dates. There has been no inspection to date. This year saw the donation for an extension rise from £20,000 to £25,000 and we are very grateful for the generosity and confidence this community has shown. At this time the shop has been granted planning permission and we await building regulations approval. This project will continue to proceed as circumstances allow. On the Post Office, Mrs Scott has reduced her work to 3 days a week and Mrs Rawlins now works 2 days on the Post Office side. We wish to thank the Parish Council for their continued support and look forward to another successful year working together.’
Neighbourhood Plan
The clerk read an e-mail from Mr Peter Bartram stating that a meeting will be held on 29th April at 3.60 p.m. in the Village Hall. The clerk was asked to ensure that this is being advertised. Cllr Candy stated that he has advised Mr Bartram to liaise with Downderry who may be able to offer some guidance.
Mrs Marion Facey was welcomed to the meeting. Mrs Facey stated that they are currently waiting on South West Ambulance Trust (SWAT) as their backing is required before the British Heart Foundation will acknowledge the bid. Unfortunately the defibrillator cannot be placed on the shop wall due to the lack of space. It has been agreed that it will be placed on the outside of the millennium building. It was noted, however, that the 2 lights on the green are currently not working and it was agreed that these be repaired. The cost of the defibrillator is £400, through the British Heart Foundation, plus the price of the cabinet. SWAT require a certain number of people to be trained, the cost of the training being free. The Chair thanked Mrs Facey for the work she is dong on this project.
Play area
Lydia Hickisson was welcomed to the meeting. Lydia reported that the Village Hall Committee have agreed that the land adjacent to the current play area can be used. The next step is to obtain planning permission and commence fundraising. Lydia asked if the Parish Council would pay the cost of the planning permission and this was agreed by those Councillors present. Funding in the region of £16,000 will be sought from Viridor meaning that £1600 will need to be raised. The Chair commented that the Parish Council has always been supportive of the youth of the village.

PA15/02041 – Change of use of 2 No redundant agricultural buildings to dwellings and installation of sewage treatment plant – Barns at Whites Venn Farm Herodsfoot – Mr and Mrs S Pote - APPROVED
PA15/01342 – Two storey extension to house – Penadlake Cottage Bocaddon – Mr and Mrs G Roberts – it was noted that this application has already been APPROVED without coming to the Parish Council. Unfortunately the clerk had assumed that there would be time to discuss at the April meeting prior to a decision being made by Cornwall Council.
PA15/02717 – Conversion of two existing outbuildings to provide holiday accommodation- Hartswell Farm Herodsfoot – Mr Paul Crump – REFUSED as it was felt these buildings were inappropriate for conversion and unsuitable design and location.
Wind turbine – update
The clerk read an e-mail received from Mr R Pugh which updated the meeting as follows:-
Wilton – no change
Hartswell – now in position
Bocaddon – no change, the appeal continues
Carwen – a decision is expected any day from the inspector
Furzedown – Cornwall Council have defended their position on the Judicial Review. The case continues
Woodford – Refused by the inspector.
Parish Problems
Mrs Lee reported that the lorries/vans at Moss are sometimes parking in the road making it difficult to pass. Clerk to contact PCSO Cocks.
Mrs Gorman commented on the weeds alongside the village hall. Mrs Lee and Mr Facey will take this to the next Village Hall Committee meeting.
The state of the road alongside the new development was discussed. It was agreed that until the development work is completed, this will not be addressed. Cllr Candy noted this.
Date and time of next meeting
Tuesday 19th May 2015 at 7.40 p.m. (AGM)

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