Monday, 27th of April 2015
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Welcome to Lanreath, Cornwall, England

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Lanreath Parish Council


Minutes of Meeting held on 17th February 2015  

Present:Mr A Facey,  Mr R Pugh, Mrs E Lee, Mrs S Pipe, Ms J Tamblyn, Mr P Godfrey, Miss S Cave, Cllr J Candy


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.  There were none.  

  1. 1.        Apologies

Apologies were received from Mrs P Gorman and PCSO Cocks.

  1. 2.        Public Participation
  2. Signage – MrFacey stated that he had spoken with Mr Colin Lewis at Cornwall Highways regarding the placing of the ‘Slow Children Playing’ signs.  Mr Facey to liaise with the clerk regarding tantalised posts.

Seat on village green – Mr Gerald Facey stated that he had cleaned the seats on the village green and would like to coat with them with sealant rather than stain.  To liaise with clerk.

  1. Windwards – Cllr Candy stated that a meeting had been held with the developer,Ewing from Cornwall Council Housing Authority and Louise Dwelly from the Affordable Housing Department.  The outcome of the meeting was that provided the developer pays his outstanding fees to the solicitor and pays the bond that is required, then the whole road on Windwards will be adopted.  Cllr Candy added that he will endeavour to get an update and will send this back to the agent or the clerk.

PCSO Cocks – the clerk read a report received which stated that from 1st January to 31st January 2015 there had been no crime.  Numerous patrols have taken place and all has been found to be in order.

  1. 3.        Minutes of meeting held20th January 2015

Mrs Lee proposed that the minutes be accepted.  This was seconded by Mr Godfrey and the minutes were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chair.

  1. 4.        Matters Arising
• Windwards – as above.
• Wall between school garden and school house – it was noted that correspondence had been received from Mr Andrew, including copies of correspondence of solicitor’s letters etc.  To be discussed at the next meeting.
• School – Mrs Pipe reported that the fencing is down and also alongside the main road.  It was agreed that Mr Pipe will ask Mr Anderson for a quote to repair.
• Rally Close – Cllr Candy confirmed that the questions asked by a member of the public at the last meeting have been answered to their satisfaction.  This matter is now resolved.
• Pavement at GryllsPark – Cllr Candy stated that this had been reported.  A reply received stated that litter is the responsibility of Cory and surfaces are the responsibility of Cormac.
• Ice – The Chair stated that he had met with Mr Steve Bird.  Mr Bird no longer has his spreader or any salt.  To be put on the agenda for discussion in March.
• Traffic Regulation Order – Cllr Candy confirmed that the standard cost for this is £5000.
  1. 5.        Neighbourhood Plan

The clerk read an e-mail received from Mr Peter Bartram stating that a meeting of interested parties is arranged for 25th February.  The application letterunder Part 2 (5) (1) of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 for the designation of a Neighbourhood Area has been submitted.

  1. Play Area

No representatives present.  Item to be removed from the agenda.  

  1. Defibrillator

The clerk read correspondence received from Mary Counter concerning the defibrillator at Deerpark.  It was noted that the Village Hall Committee have expressed an interest in providing a defibrillator for the village.

  1. 8Correspondence

All correspondence was read, considered and actioned as appropriate.  Correspondence regarding the recent Community Network Panel meeting was noted.  Cllr Candy urged a representative from the Parish Council to attend these meetings.  The Parish Council is also requested to listof draft priorities for the Network Area.

The clerk read correspondence received from Mr FeeseyLanreath Community Association, requesting the removal of the sink from the MillenniumBuilding to allow for more storage for the shop.  Mr Pugh proposed the removal of the sink but sought assurance that the water supply would remain. This was seconded by Mrs Pipe and agreed by those present.  With regard to the possible storage of alcohol, Mr Feesey was advised that there may be a covenant on that piece of land.


  1. 9.Planning

PA15/00171 – Installation of 2 x 5GHz 0.42m radio antennas on the existent mast.  The first at a height of 31m (facing 52 degrees ETN) and the second at a height of 32m (facing 45 degrees ETN) – Bury Down Radio Tower  Lanreath – Miss Rachel Faulkener  AB Internet Limited – following discussion Mr Pugh proposed that this be APPROVED with the rider that there are concerns about the technology on Bury Down in conjunction with the Bury Down Hill Fort.  Mrs E Lee seconded this proposal and all those present, apart from one abstention, supported this application.

  1. 10.  Finance

     Clerks salary and expenses£210.70

      Mrs Anderson£100.00

Village Hall£  14.00

D Hilton£  10.00 

D Hilton PAYE£  47.80

EDF£  40.09

South West Water£  46.61

Bank Balance

      Current Account£ 889.64

Deposit Account£8384.84

Treasurers Account£     2.24



Mrs Lee proposed that the cheques be paid on block.  This was seconded by Mr Godfrey and agreed by those present.  

  1. 11.  Wind turbine update

Mr Pugh gave the following update:-

• Wilton – no change
• Hartswell – no change
• Bocaddon – still going ahead with the appeal on the appeal
• Carwen – No Inspector visit yet
• Furzedown – taking Judicial Review against Cornwall Council, deadline 18th February
• Woodford Farm – Inspector on site 10th February.

12.CountyCouncillor’s Report

Cllr Candy responded to comments made by Messrs Pugh and Godfrey at the January meeting, as follows:-

‘Cllr Candy stated that he had not replied to comments at the last meeting as he did not like confrontation, but felt obliged to now due to comments in Lanreath Lifestyle etc.

Cllr Pugh had asked him why he had consulted the PC before calling the Furzedown application into committee, when it was obvious the Parish Council was not going to change its mind. Cllr Candy explained that he had followed the correct process.

At the Planning East meeting where the Furzedown turbine was determined, Cllr Godfrey had stated that the decision of the Parish Council was unanimous, and that there was no local support. Cllr Candy had corrected these statements, in line with the facts.

Cllr Candy had spoken against 3 other turbines at committee, Woodford, Wilton and Woodlay, which had all been refused. He believed the main issue with the Furzedown application was impact on the landscape, in line with the refusal of the Carwen turbine. He pointed out that the Furzedown turbine was sited only 15m lower than the refused turbine at Carwen; unfortunately he failed to convince the committee, he apologised that he is not perfect and may not have been as persuasive on this occasion!

Cllr Candy explained that Planning Committees must judge applications against the National Planning Policy Framework, the emerging Cornwall Local Plan and saved policies. He would continue to represent the views of the parish at committee, but would not serve on the committee himself, allowing him to express the view of the parish regardless of the merit of the case. When serving on Strategic Planning, he had supported various applications for renewable energy, as he believed they were within policy.

Cllr Candy was worried about tension within the parish, in relation to applications for renewable energy. Planning can often be contentious, but there are some in the parish who feel they are being victimised just because they have put in a planning application. He will continue to represent all residents in the parish.’

13.Parish Problems

Mrs Lee reported a large pothole which is worsening on the Trebant/Lerryn turning.  Mr Godfrey also commented on potholes at Penadlake.  Cllr Candy added that some of the minor roads are still in a bad state of repair and this will be exacerbated by budget problems.

Mrs Pipe stated that she had received complaints regarding the building works in the village with building materials in the road.

  1. 14Any Other Business
  2. Viridor Credits – Mr Pugh stated that there is funding availableViridor, providing criteria is met.

Punch Bowl – Mrs Pipe stated that  she had received an e-mail from  Derek Cudmore stating that Mr Jamie Brown had visited the Punch Bowl a couple of weeks ago.  There will be a further update.

Mrs Lee reported that Helen White would like to have band/choir practice in the main hall every Tuesday evening and have queried whether the Parish Council could move to the Committee Room.  After discussion it was agreed that the Parish Council should remain in the main hall to ensure disabled access.  Mrs Pipe will pass this information on to Mrs Crystal Starkey.

15.Public Participation

It was questioned whether the Rally Close road could be adopted.  Cllr Candy replied that the circumstances are different to the Windwards development, e.g. time scales.  Cllr Candy will follow this up.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 17thMarch 2015 at 7.40pm in the Main Hall.  

The meeting closed at 9.10 p.m.


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