Thursday, 23rd of October 2014
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Welcome to Lanreath, Cornwall, England

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Lanreath Parish Council


Meeting held on 16th September 2014  

The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting, especially the large number ofparishioners who wished to take part in the debate regarding the planning application at Furzedown Farm.  The issue of member’s interests was raised.  There were none. Mr Richard Pugh added that as a member of the public he is allowed an opinion but as a Parish Councillor he declares an unbiased mind.

Apologies were received from Mrs P Gorman.

Wind turbine application at Furzedown Farm – members of the public and Mr Andy Cameron from Clean Earth were welcomed to the meeting.   A lengthy discussion ensued.

Mr R Pugh updated the meeting with regard to the current wind turbine applications:-
Wilton Farm – awaiting an officer’s decision
New Hartswell – in appeal
Bocaddon – appeal in High Court 9th December
Tremaine – appeal withdrawn
Carwen – in appeal
Furzedown – being discussed now
Cllr Candy stated that he would take concerns of parishioners back to the Planning Committee.

Village Green deeds – these have been located and are now stored in the safe in the church.

Youth Project – the clerk reported that Mrs Rawlins is awaiting clearance of a cheque and the funds will then be transferred to the Parish Council.

Punch Bowl – nothing further to report.

All correspondence was read, considered and actioned as appropriate. With regard to the correspondence received from the  Harlequin Group regarding the Mobile Infrastructure Project  at Highgate Farm, St Veep, it was proposed that if possible a more suitable site should be found.

Neighbourhood Plan - The clerk reported that Mr Peter Bartram will be organising a meeting in the near future of those involved and interested in the Neighbourhood Plan and he will report back after this.


PA14/07782 – A single wind turbine of max 77m to tip along with associated infrastructure including an access track and electrical housing – Land at Furzedown Farm  Lanreath – Mr Ed Venning - REFUSED

(Parish Councillors refused to support this application because of the views expressed by the majority of the public at the meeting, the effect on the landscape, effect on house prices and businesses, possible ‘domino effect’.  Mr Pugh stated that based on Caradon District Council's Local Plan, this application fails REN1, REN2, CL2, CL18, CL19, CL20, EV3 and paragraph 109 of NPPF.  Mr P Godfrey proposed that this application be refused.  This was seconded by Miss S Cave.  5 Parish Councillors opposed this application, 1 Parish Councillor was in support.  Cllr Candy stated that he had listened carefully to the debate and will represent this community when it comes to planning.)  

PA14/06447 – A single wind turbine of maximum 77m to tip, along with associated infrastructure including an access track and electrical housing – Wilton Farm Bungalow  East Taphouse – Mr James Bolitho – REFUSED OUTSIDE OF MEETING


PA13/11501 – Installation of a single 500kW wind turbine on a 50m tower and a blade tip height up to 77m – land at Carwen Farm  Lanreath – Mr Peter White - NOTED


Mrs Pipe proposed that the cheques be paid on block.  This was seconded by Mr Godfrey and agreed by those present.  Clerk to transfer £1000 into current account.

County Councillor’s Report

Cllr J Candy reported that:-

the biggest issue at present is the budget
the reasonable summer months has helped with the repair of the roads
visits carried out with the road repair team and also at the incinerator at StDennis.

Parish Problems

Hedge at Rowan Lodge - Comments were raised regarding the cutting of the hedge at Rowan Lodge.  This will be put on the agenda for the October meeting.

Pathway on Millennium Green – Concerns have been raised regarding state of repair of the path.  To be discussed at the October meeting.

Pathway from Rowan Lodge/Rectory/Church – requests have been received for the path to be continued.  To be discussed at the October meeting.

Wall between school garden and school house – it was noted that this has not yet been reinstated.  A Facey to speak with the owner.

Broadband speed – Miss S Cave asked if there was a possibility for an increase in broadband speed in rural areas.  It was added that this is vital for rural businesses.

Date and time of next meeting

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 21st October 2014 at 7.40pm in the Main Hall.  


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