Saturday, 28th of February 2015
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Welcome to Lanreath, Cornwall, England

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Lanreath Parish Council



Minutes of Meeting held on 21st October 2014  


Present:Mr A Facey, Mr R Pugh, Mrs E Lee, Mrs S Pipe, Ms J Tamblyn, Mr P Godfrey, Miss S Cave, Mrs P Gorman, County Cllr J Candy



The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.  The issue of member’s interests was raised.  There were none.  



Apologies were received from PSCO Cocks.


Public Participation

Lanreath Shop and Post Office – Mrs Rawlins stated that there is now written agreement between the shop and a benefactor that there will be a donation of £20,000 towards the extension.  This will now be able to move forward and plans drawn up.  It was noted that plans could be submitted, at a reduced cost, by the Parish Council.  The Chair wished to thank those involved with the shop for their hard work.

Traffic speed through village – Mr G Facey voiced his concerns regarding the speed of traffic through the village.  It was noted that a speed watch has taken place on two roads and traffic was found to be adhering to the speed limit.  Cllr Candy confirmed that any speed restriction measures such as road humps or narrowing of the road would be very costly.  It was suggested that Mr Facey speak to PCSO Cocks regarding carrying out a community speed watch.  It was also suggested that if cars parked alongside the road concerned, making a chicane, this tends to reduce traffic speed.

PCSO Cocks – the clerk read a report received from PCSO Cocks which stated that from 1st to 30th September there had been no crimes.  It was noted that PCSO Cocks’ attention had been brought to children crossing the road and playing in the area of the village hall.  The parents have been contacted who are aware of the danger.  PCSO Cocks suggested that possibly the signage could be moved to a more prominent position.  A piece has been written for the next newsletter and PCSO Cocks will speak with the children when next on a convenient duty shift at the weekend.  It has also been raised the speed of vehicles coming up to the village hall from the village itself and drivers are encouraged to slow down whilst driving in or around not just Lanreath but all rural communities.  Numerous patrols around the parish have taken place and all has been found to be in order.


Minutes of meeting held on 16th September2014


Matters Arising
Hedge at Rowan Lodge - It was reported that the owner of Rowan Lodge would like 1’ cut off the top of the hedge.  Mr A Facey agreed to speak with the owner advising him to arrange this with Bradley Harper.
Pathway on millennium green – it was agreed that the path needs some work carried out on it.  To be discussed when setting the precept next month.
Pathway from Rowan Lodge/rectory/church – Cllr Candy stated that the Council have no funding at present for this.
Recycling – the clerk reported that Gina Varcoe at Cornwall Council had been contacted and she will speak to staff concerned.
Wall between school garden and school house – it was reported that legal advice had been sought and as long as the gate is in place, then this is the physical barrier.  The owner is in discussion with Mr Andrew.


Play Area

Lydia was welcomed to the meeting to discuss the possibility of adding equipment to the play area.  There is enough room which will not interfere with the equipment already in situ.  Pictures of the proposed slide and climbing frame were circulated, and it was added that there will need to be a fence and gate also.  It was noted that the cost of this would be around £7,500.  Funding will be sought and applied for but it was hoped that the maintenance of the equipment could be included in the maintenance of the equipment already in place.  The Chair stated that the Parish Council have always been in favour of providing for the youth of the village, adding that permission will need to be obtained from the owner of the land.  Cllr Candy stated that he would be happy to support this from his community fund and added that it is vital that the equipment complies with the necessary standards and 2-3 quotes will need to be obtained.  R Pugh questioned whether this would be the ideal siting of the equipment and it was suggested that parents be asked this question.  To be further discussed at the next meeting.


All correspondence was read, considered and actioned as appropriate.  The dates of the proposed work by Cormac and South West Water on the road from Bocaddon to St Marnarch’s was questioned.  Cllr Candy will look into this.  The clerk read correspondence received from the Harlequin Group regarding the proposed mast at Highgate Farm, St Veep.  It was proposed, and seconded, that the clerk reply that this has been discussed at the meeting and the Parish Council remain concerned about the positioning of such a mast.


7.Neighbourhood Plan 

Mr Peter Bartram was welcomed to the meeting stating that it is now time to advertise the application and formalise the registration.  13 people are now willing to help with the plan.  The extension to the shop, wind turbines and play area are all items that have been mentioned in questionnaires.  An exhibition will be planned, where hopefully ideas will be generated, and following that, something more concrete will be put together for the village itself, ideally within the next 2-3 weeks.  Cllr Candy added that perhaps a presentation could be included in any forthcoming parish events.  Miss S Cave proposed that the plan be formally registered.  This was seconded by Mrs E Lee and agreed by those present.


PA14/02350 – installation of a single medium scale wind turbine on a 50m tower – Tremaine Farm  Pelynt – Mr John Philp – APPEAL WITHDRAWN


Clerks salary and expenses£208.46

Mrs Anderson£100.00

Village Hall£  14.00

D Hilton£  10.00

D Hilton PAYE£  46.00


Royal British Legion£  17.00


Bank Balance

Current Account£  1037.58

Deposit Account£10383.39

Treasurers Account£        2.24




With regard to the clerk’s salary, Miss S Cave proposed that the hourly rate of pay be increased to £10.60.  This was seconded by P Godfrey and agreed by those present.


Mr Pugh gave the following update:-

Wilton Farm – refused by 11 – 3.  This turbine would have affected the parish of Lanreath more than St Pinnock.  Following this, however, when the owners of Woodlay returned to their home, the Inspector and the owner of Hartswell were on Woodlay property.  It was added that the owner of Hartswell should have sought permission for this.
Hartswell – the Inspector visited on 13th October.  Will be approximately 6 weeks before a decision
Bocaddon – The Secretary of State had to give evidence against case put together by 16th September.  This deadline was not met and another deadline given of 24thSeptember.  Evidence has still not been submitted.  The case will be in the High Court on 9th December, but hopes are that this, with no evidence submission, will be uncontested and planning will be quashed
Tremaine – appeal withdrawn
Carwen – will in appeal
Furzedown – decision awaited from the Officer
Woodford Farm – still in appeal.

It was added that with regard to Wilton Farm, 145 letters of support were submitted but on investigation 99% of these were on pre-prepared letters and merely signed.  Some objections were from Hampshire, Plymouth and Somerset.


To be considered when setting the precept at the November meeting.


Cllr J Candy reported that:-

He had attended, and spoke, at the meeting regarding the Wilton Farm turbine.  A letter has been received from Woodlay about the impact this would have on their livery business.  Concerns also about the owner of Hartswell being on Woodlay property without permission
Seeking advice regarding Broadband provision
Would encourage all to attend the Community Network Meeting on 23rd October when the budget will be discussed.


13.Parish Problems

Village Hall lights – it was mentioned that these are very bright.  To be discussed at the Village Hall meeting.


Punch Bowl – it was reported that the owner’s agent has been approached by a local developer who has suggested it might be in the client’s best interest to keep a part of the building for a small community pub.

Firework Display – Mrs Pipe asked if the Parish Council would like to donate to the cost of the event.  Miss S Cave proposed that £100, as last year, be donated.  This was seconded by Mr Godfrey and approved by those present.

Windwards Road – it was again stated that it is concerning that Cornwall Council have not agreed to adopt this road.  Clerk to contact the affordable housing team.


15.Public Participation

Mr G Facey stated that he was concerned to hear about children crossing the road from the play area, adding that it is important that the hedges be cut back.


The next meeting will be on Tuesday 18th November 2014 at 7.40pm in the Main Hall.  


The meeting closed at 9.40p.m.

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