Tuesday, 16th of September 2014
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Welcome to Lanreath, Cornwall, England

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Lanreath Parish Council



The July meeting was held on 15th July with apologies received from 
PCSO Cocks.

The Chair thanked councillors and members of the public that helped 
with tidying the village and also those who helped commencing the 
painting of the Punch Bowl.  Thanks especially to Mr Mike Roberts.

PCSO Dave Billing reported that there had been two crimes in the parish 
from 1st – 30th June.  These came from one incident with the use of 
threatening and violent language.  Two offenders have been dealt with.  
Numerous patrols have been carried out and all was found to be in 

Matters Arising

School wall - The Chair reported that a quote for the work had been 
received from £125 from Mr P Anderson to repair the wall.  The quote 
had been accepted by Councillors, outside of the meeting, and the work 
has been completed.  However, the benches are in need of repair. 

Neighbourhood Plan

Punch Bowl – once again it was noted the work carried out on the Punch 
Bowl, the cost of which is not being borne by the Parish Council.  The 
labour is being given free and the cost of the paint will be paid for 
by the owner of the Punch Bowl.

It was noted that the bench has been moved from Carlyon Close to the 
Millennium Green and is being well used.  There have, however, been 
increased amounts of litter on the green.

Mrs Siobhan Rawlins was welcomed to the meeting to discuss the remains 
funds in the Lanreath Youth Project account.  Following discussion it 
was agreed that these be transferred into the care of the Parish 
Council in order to meet any costs, inspections etc. regarding the play 

The clerk read correspondence sent to Bert Biscoe, Chairman, Cornwall & 
Isles of Scilly Local Transport Board, from Cornwall Councillors in 
East Cornwall regarding improvements to the A38.  It was agreed that 
the clerk also write to Mr Biscoe supporting these proposals.

The affordable homes on the Windward site were discussed and a separate 
advert is being placed in the newsletter by the estate agents 

Mr Peter Bartram was welcomed to the meeting to discuss the 
Neighbourhood Plan  Mr Bartram reported that following the 
questionnaire which was sent out to over 200 households, only 28 
responses have so far been received.  All responses centred on the 
village.  Replies to the questions asked included the following:-

•    What do you like about living in Lanreath? The countryside, crime 
free, social functions, history, community spirit, community 
facilities, no wind turbines.

•    Whatdo you think could be improved about the parish?  Community 
energy scheme, alotments, school, pub, farm shop, cafe, holiday park, 
cricket/bowls pitch, bus, speed limit, doctors surgery.

•    Do you think we should prepare a Neighbourhood Plan?   27 – Yes, 1 – 

•    If we do a plan, why should we do it?  Village influences on 
development in the parish, maintain rural feel, debate with higher 
authority, strategic plan for parish, restriction of wind turbhines.

The application will now need to be registered.  8 more volunteers are 
interested in helping with the plan.  The Chair thanked Mr Peter 
Bartram and his team for their work on this project.


PA14/05218 – Erection of agricultural building for the storage of 
vehicles, plant and associated items – White Venn Farm  Herodsfoot – Mr 
and Mrs S Pote - APPROVED

Wind turbine update

Mr Richard Pugh updated the meeting as follows:-

•    Bocaddon – the appeal has been overturned by the Inspectorate.  This 
will be challenged in the High Court.  (Costs not being funded by the 
Parish Council).

•    Hartswell – deadline of 16th July

•    Woodford – ongoing

•    Tremaine – ongoing

•    Carwen – turned down by Cornwall Council.

County Councillor’s Report

Cllr Candy updated the meeting regarding Cornwall Council issues.

Any Other Business

Mrs S Pipe stated that further Japanese Knotweed on Meadow Road has 
been reported.

The lamp has been repaired by the church.

Date and time of next meeting

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 16th September 2014 at 7.40pm 
in the Main Hall.  




Tuesday 16th September 2014




Tuesday 21st October 2014




Tuesday 18th November 2014






All meetings commence at 7.30 p.m. and are held in the Main Hall, Lanreath Village Hall



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